Happy New Year!

What a year! I can’t believe its 2016 already. This past year has been such a roller coaster. We kicked off 2015 with my husband pinning on Staff Sergeant and celebrated with a trip to Dublin, Ireland! In March, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip to Athens, Greece, where I got to study about my favorite ancient civilization up close, we drank wine and had amazing food, and we danced with the nicest local people.

I dyed my hair purple and spent a week in Barcelona with an amazing friend. We hosted my husband’s aunt and uncle and spent a week touring England. We hiked on the Cliffs of Dover, and strolled through Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and his merry men. I discovered the methods of Marie Kondo and cleared my house of over TWELVE bags of paper trash and donate-able clothes and goods. We adopted a second dog! We celebrated so many holidays surrounded by great friends. I made new, worthwhile friends, and said goodbye to others who are so dear to me.

I survived depression.
I reconnected with God.
I connected with old friends on deeper levels.

2015 was full of both heartache and blessings. I can leave it behind feeling at peace and knowing I have no regrets.

Which brings me to now! 2016 has some big things in store for us! In a few short weeks, we’re headed to Norway for a quick holiday. I’m hoping to connect with more friends this summer. It may also bring big career changes for my husband. 2016 is also our last full year in England before we head back to the states for a new adventure. There’s also more in store, but that’s a surprise I’m saving for later! Spoilers. 😉

And, like almost every other person in the world, I have a few New Year’s resolutions. Now I will say that I don’t exactly have the best track record for finishing my resolutions but let’s face it, who does? However, I’m not going to rely on my own strength this time. Instead, I plan to approach my goals with confidence in that God will help me learn discipline, provide me with the determination to keep going, and the grace to continue if I make a mistake.

This year I have three resolutions. The first is reading the Bible cover to cover. A few months ago I downloaded a fantastic app called She Reads Truth. The app itself is free and includes quite a few free devotionals, but there are others you have to pay for, all under $2. Their Bible In A Year study is free and I love that it’s set up so your scripture reading is pulled from both the Old and New Testaments. In the app, I can also set a daily alarm to remind me to read my scripture. I highly recommend you check it out if one of your goals is to study the Word and grow in the Lord. There’s also a He Reads Truth for guys!

My next resolution is to start and maintain a home yoga practice. I love yoga, but unless I have a partner to go with I won’t attend a class. When I create a home yoga practice, I can tailor it to exactly what I want to work on. For me, that would be my core strength, my flexibility, and my balance. I would love to be able to do arm balances and inversions, and I plan to work on my splits as well. I’ll be tracking my progress through Instagram, so feel free to follow me and give me encouragement!

My last resolution is simply to keep travelling. We made so many amazing memories last year during our travels and that’s exactly the way I want to remember 2016. With only 21 months left in the UK, we still have way too many places left on our bucket list! I hope this year is the year that we can put a bigger dent in our travels, since 2017 will most likely comprise of preparing for the big move back across the pond.

So that’s it for me! My 2015 in review and the 2016 I hope is ahead of me. Share with me in the comments your favorite moments of 2015 or your own New Year’s resolutions!

Thanks for reading,
Caitlyn ❤


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