New Year, Same Me

We are officially five days into 2017 and already my Instagram feed is full of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions, and Pinterest is flooded with hacks on how to make them happen. I’m no stranger to the annual tradition, but try as I might with the best intentions I always fail. This year, however, I’ve decided to take on a different approach.

I have zero New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I’d rather spend my time reflecting on 2016 and all of the incredible things that happened  and contemplate what I hope 2017 will be.

2016 was the year I finally got healthy again. Thanks to my incredible doctor at Nuffield Health and the amazing team of nurses, phlebotomists, and staff, we found a medication and a dosage that works at keeping my neutropenia at bay, and I’ve been able to live life with only two infections in the last year. In 2015 that number was over fifteen, making it an incredible change for the better. I also now have a marvellous hematologist acting as my health care advocate and I could not be happier.

While 2015 was the year I discovered I had depression (and kicked it’s butt, I might add), 2016 was the year I realized it’s best friend, anxiety, was still making itself at home. I’ve learned so much about generalized anxiety disorder- what it is, what it’s not, where it comes from, how to manage it, but most importantly, understanding that it does not define me and despite what my little monster might feed me, I am not alone. This could have only happened with the help of my psychologist and the support of my husband. I’m so grateful to be in the place that I am now because it has given me two of the best medical professionals I could have ever asked for.

I travelled to new places! After Norway, we travelled back to Ireland to visit the beautiful city of Cork. In June, we hosted an old friend of mine and during her two week visit we toured Scotland and Wales. In September, we hosted more family and revisited the Cliffs of Dover and travelled to the city of Bath. I’m a little disappointed I never got the chance to blog about those places because each of those trips were so fun and unique and I would go back to all of them in a heartbeat (and I just might!).

We discovered our new favorite restaurants. I got to be in my best friend’s wedding and made new friends during the process (#dreamteam). I deleted my Facebook page. We welcomed another handsome nephew into the family. I celebrated 17 human birthdays and 2 dog birthdays. I got to be a Pokémon trainer. I learned how to crochet better.

2016 was so satisfying.
2017 will be mind-blowing.

Now I know that sounds like I have really high expectations. No pressure, right? But to be honest, there are so many things that happened at the end of 2016 that are going to carry over into 2017 and each of these things could have a huge impact on mine and my husband’s lives. The biggest of them being my husband being pre-selected for the Air Force’s new remotely piloted aircraft program. This time next year I could be in California while my husband trains to be A PILOT. A real, FAA certified pilot. That is crazy.

Even if he isn’t selected as part of their final group to move on to training, we are still headed back stateside to a new base and a new adventure. It’s bittersweet to think about, because while I will always be thankful to be closer to family, this little English town will always have a special place in my heart as our first assignment where we started our marriage.

To cap off our European bucket list, we still plan on visiting Belfast, the Scottish Highlands, Berlin, Rome, Canterbury, Oxford, and Bath (again- we’ve got to try their thermal spa!). I wish we had more time to really hit everywhere, but this final list at least gets us the chance to say we visited every country on our list at least once.

I’m currently lined up to lead a women’s bible study starting in just a couple weeks. My husband is testing for Technical Sergeant in the spring. We’re about to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

There are so many awesome things lined up for the next twelve months that I honestly can’t say which one I’m most excited about. All I can say is that I genuinely have no idea what direction this year is going to take me but I’m thrilled at the possibilities. So, while I’ve decided to opt out of traditional New Year’s resolutions, I do still plan on setting goals as changes come my way and bettering myself one day at a time.

New year, same me- just a little more realistic.

Caitlyn ❤

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